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Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Hawaii?

Hawaii Medical Marijuana LLC, is a modern medical office.  We are not a dispensary.  Our medical doctors believe that medical cannabis is beneficial for certain conditions, but not for all.  Numerous studies show that medical marijuana can have benefits when used appropriately.  Our goal is to understand your concerns, answer your questions, and help you understand how medical quality cannabis can help with your chronic and/or debilitating conditions.  We ensure a high level of care, discretion, and appropriate counseling for our patients.

Most Frequent Asked Questions About Medical Cannabis Below.

Where is the Closest Dispensary Near Me?

You can find all the dispensaries near you by clicking here.

When will I get my medical marijuana card?

We Usually tell our patients it will take between 3-5 business days before you get your medical marijuana card by email. But in reality, we have no idea when the Dept of Health will process your application. There is a page on the Dept of Health’s website that gives you their processing times and if they’re backed up. You can view this by clicking here. So we kindly request you do not contact us asking when you’ll receive it, since we have no control over it.

If I Use Medical Marijuana, Will It Interfere With Any Other Medication I May Be Taking?

The interaction of one drug with another is
always a concern for any patient and their doctor:

● Ask your doctor. While there are online
databases that allow you to check for
drug interactions, many of them may
not include cannabis or its derivatives.

● Your doctor will have a better idea
about how your medications will
interact with marijuana.

● Please make sure you check before you
start to avoid any potentially unhealthy

Are There Any Activities I Should Avoid While Using Medical Marijuana?

Yes there are some activities you should avoid, including:

● You won’t want to go for a drive or for a
long walk or cook a big meal the first
few times you take the treatment.

● Again, your doctor will help you decide
what you can and can’t do while you are
taking medical marijuana.

What Are the Positive And Negative Side Effects of Consuming Marijuana?

Some positive side effects to consuming
cannabis are laughter, increased appetite,
nausea reduction, feelings of euphoria, and
relaxation of muscles in the body, among other positive side effects.

While not everyone reacts negatively, some negative side effects are known to be paranoia, short term memory loss, and involuntary fatigue or feeling of immense sleepiness. 

Negative side effects caused by cannabis plant consumption are not as frequent as the positive side effects experienced with it.

Can You Get Addicted to Cannabis/Marijuana?

In severe cases, marijuana use disorder can take on a more serious addiction. The disorder itself is caused by the development of problem use of the plant. If someone uses cannabis very frequently and then quits, they often report up to 2 weeks of irritability, cravings, restlessness, trouble sleeping, decreased appetite, and other
forms of physical discomfort. While the plant itself is not addictive, moderation for the plant is always ideal.

How Much Medical Marijuana Can I Purchase With My Card?

Qualified medical marijuana patients are
allowed to purchase four ounces of marijuana in a fifteen-day period. Therefore, patients are allowed to purchase up to eight ounces or the equivalent of manufactured marijuana products, during a given month.

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Jacquelyn Corpus
Jacquelyn Corpus
00:37 19 Feb 21
Absolutely LOVED my experience here. They listened to my symptoms and were very professional. Highly recommend to... anyone. Appointments are always available to interested people. Very educated personnel and I greatly appreciate their help through the whole process. Website was very informative and guided which is very helpful for users. Email customer service was very quick and responsive!! They really don't want to waste your time or take your money.read more
Jamie Deguzman
Jamie Deguzman
22:44 11 Feb 21
Everyone was so nice and informative. Very quick process. Thank you.
Carla Miller Miller
Carla Miller Miller
10:04 06 Feb 21
Thank you for a professional and understanding experience! I truly appreciate your kindness!
seth gray
seth gray
20:39 26 Jan 21
Very clean and professional. Felt safe from start to finish. Drs were kind, helpful and informative.
Brenna Chiarenza
Brenna Chiarenza
04:01 22 Jan 21
Dr Chang and his partner were very friendly, efficient, and professional. I highly recommend!
Jaren Tresise
Jaren Tresise
03:27 22 Jan 21
Clean, professional, gave great advice on medical cannabis. I would recommend this place if your looking for you... medical cannabis card. Just remember to have doctors notes or prof of past injury’s.read more
Lauren Cooper
Lauren Cooper
21:43 14 Jan 21
My experience with this clinic was both convenient and professional. Located within Dr. Chang’s eye clinic, his partner... was extremely helpful, going over the process and answering all questions I had. This is a legitimate Dotors office and they are truly concerned with helping people who have legitimate reasons for using medical marijuana.The office itself was clean and followed all Covid 19 protocols. The staff was kind and professional. I recommend anyone who believes that medical marijuana could possibly help their quality of life, go to them!read more
Thomas Lovan
Thomas Lovan
22:29 12 Jan 21
Very professional and took care of my needs. Highly recommend them. Not only did they approve my card they went above... and beyond teaching me about the medicinal purposes marijuana is used for. Being on pain medication most of my life I look forward to trying something less harsh on the body and liver.read more
Cyndi Keller
Cyndi Keller
03:47 05 Dec 20
The staff and doctor were very friendly and informative. Too bad it has to be so under cover and expensive.. I got... my license in 2 days and will go to the apocathery this weekend. Fingers crossed I will get some relief.Thank you for your respect and kindness, Dr. Chang and staff. I would totally recommend.read more
Daniel Gresham
Daniel Gresham
09:08 24 Nov 20
Truthfully I was very nervous for the entire process for getting registered before I started, but everyone I talked to... and met through it were so incredibly helpful. I spent a lot of time deliberating on whether or not I should go through with it at all, and I'm glad that I did with their help.read more
Daniel Spreen Wilson
Daniel Spreen Wilson
01:39 13 Nov 20
These two are amazing ! They are very knowable, efficient, helpful, and caring. You can't go wrong here. My card was... sent to me in less than 24 hours after visit.read more
John Mammen
John Mammen
01:27 30 Oct 20
A wonderful visit. Dr. Chang was friendly, professional and informative.
Corey Silva
Corey Silva
22:30 28 Oct 20
The Dr and staff are the best! DoH dropped the ball(twice) on my application and MMH staff was there to make sure it... was fixed. Dr was very professional and concerned with my ailments. If Hawaii doesn’t go recreational, I’m definitely using MMH next year!read more
Alex Corbelli
Alex Corbelli
04:30 23 Oct 20
Very helpful experience! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for their 329! Thank you!
Don Muller
Don Muller
00:43 13 Oct 20
I am pleased to say that my experience with this company was very positive. They made the process quick and easy to... understand. Thank you Kenji and Dr. Chang 🤙read more
Amy Endee
Amy Endee
20:23 04 Sep 20
Super helpful. Walked me through the entire process, answered all my questions, and didn't feel rushed at all. Very... professional and non-judgmental. Highly recommend.read more
Valz Schmidt
Valz Schmidt
22:53 09 Jul 20
It was quick and easy, Dr chang was nice and kept it professional , he also reached out to me and awnser some concerns... and questions I had, I appreciate him and his time for going above and beyond to assure that all my needs are met. I definitely will be renewing my card with them!read more
jennifer phillips
jennifer phillips
01:44 08 Jul 20
Incredible. I had so many fears that I was going to need overwhelming amounts of proof for my intermittent back spasms.... Today was a good day pain wise, and I worried I wouldn’t be taken seriously. That was not the case. They gathered the information required, expressed to me my options, the best locations, and the importance of paperwork from my primary Care physician for my annual renewal. To say the process was easy, is an understatement. Thank you so much Dr. Chang and staff. You have changed my life indefinitely.Forever in your debt,-Jennifer Farley-read more
Jon Kaaihue
Jon Kaaihue
05:11 18 Feb 20
Very easy process from the start. Went to their website and followed the step by step process. When I went into the... clinic is was clean and I definitely appreciated the complimentary coffee. Will highly recommend Dr. Chang and his staff for they really made the process an enjoyable one. Mahalo Doc!read more
Teri LadyT8088
Teri LadyT8088
18:28 30 Jan 20
The staff are very professional and the doctor was very empathetic towards my situation and needs.
Haunted By The Truth
Haunted By The Truth
21:24 22 Jan 20
The issues that led to make the decision to try new meds was difficult, confusing and embarrassing. The assistance I... was offered here by Doc Chang and his staff was comforting and knowledgeable, which made me feel I had made the right choice. Too often these issues go untreated and unspoken about, so I’m grateful to him and his staff for the support shown. I would highly recommend anyone suffering to consider this an option and visit Doc Chang and his staff. Thank you.read more
Denny McPhee
Denny McPhee
22:00 21 Jan 20
Very professional and efficient. It helps to bring medical documentation. Highly recommended.
Alicia Katy
Alicia Katy
01:29 04 Dec 19
Super smooth and easy experience receiving my medical cannabis card today from Dr. Chong and his business partner... Kengi. Thank you both for a great experience. I highly recommend this place.read more
Dave Rodriguez
Dave Rodriguez
18:52 05 Nov 19
Great staff that make u feel welcomed and are highly professional.
CaseyandTracy Kalahiki
CaseyandTracy Kalahiki
18:31 02 Nov 19
I did a search of available appointments for doctors around Oahu. They were the only clinic that had same day... appointments available. Super easy process. Kenji went over my ailments, Dr Chang then came in to talk more specifics. If you take care of your DOH registration and clinic paperwork beforehand, your appointment will be super easy, super quick. The clinic is clean, professional, friendly and I was in and out. Mahalo Kenji and Dr. Chang!read more
23:00 10 Oct 19
Very professional and efficient service. If you fill out all of the listed paperwork when you make your appointment... online, the process will take 15 minutes or less. I was able to complete the online process and obtain a same-day appointment to complete the entire process within two hours. Thank you for your prompt help and suggestions on what may help me the most!read more
William Steitz
William Steitz
03:48 12 Sep 19
The process was seamless, very professional, and exceedingly empathetic. I am a 69 year old man with a lot of back... pain and, thanks to Medical Marijuana Hawaii, I may soon get medical relief. Thank you very much.read more
Jason Flint
Jason Flint
00:30 13 Mar 19
I went to these guys based off a referral from my uncle. He said they were very professional and helpful, my uncle is... 82yrs old. I thought, if they can impress my uncle, they have to be quality. My appointment was yesterday afternoon, I made the appointment 2hrs earlier so I was surprised they could see me on such short notice. Anyway, I was very pleased with their process. I filled out most of my forms online so when I got to their office I didn't have to fill anything else out. The appointment went very smoothly. The doctor approved my card but he also suggested a couple other doctors for me to see for my condition, which I thought was very nice. I didn't feel like they were pushing a lot of patients in and out just to get paid. Thank you guys for the great experience, I'm sure my uncle and I will send more business your way soon.read more
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How Do I Get A Hawaii State Medical Marijuana Card?


Below is the link to take you directly to the state’s site. Follow the instructions to register online. 

Click Here


If you’re a first time applicant, you have to be approved by a registered medical marijuana doctor in Hawaii. We will evaluate you and determine if you qualify for medical marijuana.

Click Here


That’s right, now the DOH issues a digital medical marijuana card. Your digital card is available online within a few days.


Now that you have your new digital medical marijuana card, you can go to the dispensaries located throughout Hawaii. This will allow you to purchase THC and more. Click below to view the dispensaries in Hawaii.

Click Here To View Dispensary

What Medical Conditions Qualify

For Medical Marijuana Card?

  • Cancer
  • ALS
  • Glaucoma
  • Lupus
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • HIV
  • AIDS
  • PTSD
  • Cachexia or Wasting Syndrome
  • Severe Pain
  • Severe Nausea
  • Epilepsy / Seizures
  • Crohn’s Disease.